The World First Crypto to Fiat POS Machine System and Online Payment Gateway is Made By Pallapay.

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Crypto to fiat gateway
Crypto to fiat gateway
Pallapay mastercard
Pallapay mastercard
Pallapay decentralized wallet
Pallapay decentralized wallet
Pallapay Crypto exchange
Pallapay Crypto exchange
Crypto Gateway
Crypto Gateway

Cryptocurrency payment gateway for cryptocurrency to fiat for the first time in Middle East

Virtual and physical prepaid Card
Virtual and physical prepaid Card

Issuing virtual and physical prepaid MasterCard for users by which they can use their Pallapay available balance

Pay with Crypto
Pay with Crypto

Ability to charge Pallapay Mastercard Prepaid card via Crypto added to Pallapay

Crypto ATM
Crypto ATM / POS

Cryptocurrency ATM machines for buying and selling. CryptocurrencyPortable cryptocurrency pos machines for retail businesses around the world, with fiat settlement

Decentralized Wallet
Decentralized Wallet

Where users can buy, sell and exchange their crypto to crypto, crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto

Online Invoicing System
Online Invoicing System / Palla Link

With pallapay link users can have their own social page and receive payments and Generate invoices for payer to pay choosing from more than 100 payment methods



New York

Next-gen Escrow Payments Solution

We provide buyers and sellers with an end-to-end online escrow payments solution built on Pallapay to ensure highly reliable transactions and low processing costs while removing the need for costly third-parties.

Open a dispute with the seller and describe the cause of dissatisfaction. Once a buyer begins the dispute resolution process, we put a hold on that transaction’s funds until things are resolved.

If the Buyer and Seller can’t reach an agreement, the dispute can be escalated to a Claim. Then we’ll investigate and make a ruling. Be sure we will conduct a detailed investigation of the problem.

We will make a fair decision in a short time and return the money to your account. The refund can be executed in full or in part.

Project Roadmap

  • Palladium Payment Services License Procurement from the United Arab Emirates.
  • Design Development of the Online Payment Services; Pallapay.
  • Bank Agreement as an aggregator for MasterCard, American Express, and more.
  • Official Launch and Start of Commercial Payment to E-commerce Services.
  • Online Wallet with Escrow Payment protection system Design and Development.
  • Addition of Local and International Money Transfers.
  • Check out Plugin Development for E-commerce platforms.
  • Online Invoicing System Design and Development for 100 payment methods.
  • Recruiting and E-commerce facilitation of Key Clients in UAE.
  • The Pallapay Link Social Page Design and Development for Users.
  • Virtual and Physical Prepaid Mastercard for Users.
  • Allocation of Payment Services to Unregistered Businesses and Freelancers.
  • Pallapay’s Collaboration with UnionPay as Sole Acquirer in UAE.
  • Possibility of extending Sole UnionPay Acquirer to the GCC Countries.
  • Addition of UnionPay Card Payment.
  • The First and Only Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway in the Middle East.
  • Chargeable Pallapay Crypto Prepaid MasterCard.
  • UAE’s First Official Cryptocurrency OTC Exchange.
  • Enlistment of Semi-government Companies accepting Pallapay as Crypto Payment.
  • Pallapay TRC20 Token (PALLA) is Born.
  • The Decentralized Wallet App for Crypto to Crypto, Crypto to Fiat, and Fiat to Crypto are Developed.
  • A User-friendly app that allows users to store, buy, sell, and exchange cryptos and fiat.
  • Professional Trading Platform Launch.
  • The Cryptocurrency ATM Machines.
  • Procurement of EMI and Banking License from Lithuania.
  • Design, Development, and global Manufacturing of Cryptocurrency POS Machines.

Pallapay mobile application

Buy And Sell Bitcoin, USDT, and 100+ More Using Cash or Bank Transfer, Get Crypto UnionPay Card and TopUp Your Card Using Crypto. Accept Crypto in Store or Online With Pallapay Crypto POS System.

Pallapay app

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