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Accept payments, automate billing, increase sales.

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We give merchants the ability to accept payments throughout the world.

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Accept Paypal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Bank Transfer, All in One Place.

Fast and simple withdrawal

It's fast and easy to withdraw money using popular methods.

Purchase security

We will reimburse you for the full amount of the item If an item that you’ve bought online doesn’t arrive.

Receiving payments

Accept payments on your website and get instant fund in your Pallapay Account.

Simple API

Receive instant notification of the status and payment options on your server.

Payment request

Send invoices for payment to your customers by email directly from your account.

SMS notifications

Free sms messages allow you to keep abreast of all operations in your wallet.

Support 24/7

Polite and qualified support staff are ready to resolve any of your questions.

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